Camper Shells

We sell units from LEER and JASON. The most updated information is on their websites and they both have a build and quote feature. If we're the dealer for your zip code we will get an email and can respond back to you on your exact truck and shell of your choice.

Click the logo to go the the manufactures website and get started or read the rest of our page for useful information to know before you order.

Now these things are special ordered and we pretty much never have any of them on the shelf ready to sell. They take some time to make and once ordered there is no going back. You’re getting a custom shell for your truck. These shells are designed to fit your trucks specific year, make, model, and bed size exactly. Almost all brands of trucks beds are different by 1”, Length or width. This pretty much means only a Camper Shell made for your year, or years like yours, and your exact bed length will fit. Even in some cases the cab size matters as some have more straight up and down rear cab windows on the Ext Cabs compared to the Crew Cab trucks. So just because you have a 6,5' foot bed. Doesn't mean your cab won't be in the way. Talking to some GM and Ram owners, be careful!

Knowing your bed size.

We’re trying ot make it easier for you.

Small trucks or Compact Trucks; Will have a 5' or 6' option bed, they may be an inch shorter or longer. But this is close enough when we know the year, make, and model. Some older Rangers and S-10’s had 7’ beds and they don’t make caps for those anymore, sorry.

5' if under 65"

6' bed if over 65”

Full Size Trucks;  Most of the CrewCab trucks we see have the 5.5' option. Some are a little longer but all fall in the 5.5' size. The 6.5' are the same way, some a little shorter or longer and same goes for the 8’ as well. But again, this close enough when we know the year make and model

5.5' under 71"

6.5' between 72”-82”

8' over 95”

You've made it this far learning about your truck.

Now it's time for the Camper Shells!

Four styles to choose from;


Most popular! As described, about the same height as the cab of your truck.

Mid Rise

These units are about 5” taller and give you more cargo or sleeping volume,

High Rise

Big in the rear look! Room to take almost everything


Available in fiberglass or aluminium. Lots of options!

With the fiberglass caps we recommend headliners and removable front windows. The headliner prevents you from finding a stray fiberglass strand and it will help the tinted windows by having the inside dark. The removable front window is important so you can clean the back of your truck cab and the front of the cap.

Check out LEER or JASON product pages and submit a quote

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